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Wireless presentations (BYOD)

Wi-Fi mirror B02 box(iOS, Android, MAC, Windows) + 2 Clickers "Plug & Play"


Sale! Pack Wi-Fi mirror B02 box(iOS, Android, MAC, Windows) + 2 Clickers "Plug & Play"

Discover the mirror Wi-Fi box B02 and its Clickers "Plug & Play"

Project and share in HD the contents of your own device (BYOD) from your tablet, smartphone or PC in an interactive interactive display (for example) using the Wi-Fi mirror B02. Present documents, photos, videos and many other files to your contacts with ease. Each action performed from your own material will be directly visible on your projection screen: a step forward in the collaboration! The mirror Wi-Fi box B02 is also very effective in the case of wireless presentations, videoconferences, or remote virtual collaborative meetings ...

NB: The mirror Wi-Fi box B02 is supplied with two Clickers “Plug & Play”, small tools allowing you to take control of your exchanges and content sharing very quickly without using the EZCast Pro application. You can get more Clickers "Plug & Play" with your mirror Wi-Fi box B02 (4 per box at the same time).

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Present wirelessly with Wi-Fi mirror box B02 and Clickers "Plug & Play"

Wi-Fi mirror box B02 is compatible with all devices

Whether from your smartphone, tablet or PC, the Wi-Fi mirror box B02 is compatible with all devices that you are likely to use. This new material offers you a wide range of choices and possibilities for wireless presentations: whether in business, classroom or conference, Wi-Fi mirror B02 box becomes essential for quality collaborative work and relevant (BYOD).

Advanced features adapted to collaborative work 

Also intended for quality collaborative work, the Wi-Fi mirror B02 box is ideal for monitoring in real time the progress of employees' work, certain projects or specific tasks. You can share your screen in 4 separate parts, one per active collaborator. They can easily interact with you, each part of the screen representing the content of their tablet or smartphone. In addition, the Wi-Fi mirror B02 box allows you to accommodate up to 64 people in visualization: ideal to transmit and share your content simply with your collaborators or students. Finally, the mirror Wi-Fi box B02 offers two channels for data transfer: 2.4Ghz (long range, limited speed) and 5Ghz (short range, high speed).

A sophisticated collaborative tool for quality presentations

This new solution of wireless presentation and of wireless sharing content that the Wi-Fi mirror B02 box offers is the perfect partner to capture the attention of your audience. In class as in meeting, the Wi-Fi mirror B02 box will undoubtedly be a vector of productivity and will save you considerable time. It becomes unnecessary to provide a preparation time upstream of your presentation to manage wiring, adapters or dozens of photocopies. Project your content directly, in just one click. Whether in school or business, Wi-Fi mirror B02 box guarantees a qualitative and percussive wireless presentation. 

More connectors for more performance

The Wi-Fi mirror B02 is more imposing and powerful than its predecessor and has a richer connectivity set: HDMI, VGA, USB, RS232 connections for a takeover of your interactive projector, interactive touch screen, remote video camera, or Ethernet RJ45 for wired network access faster and more efficient.

Clickers "Plug & Play" 

Two Clickers "Plug & Play" are provided with Wi-Fi mirror B02 box (for more ease in your content exchanges). You can get more Clickers "Plug & Play" with your mirror Wi-Fi box B02 (4 per box at the same time). 

The new Wi-Fi mirror B02 box with its "Clickers" allows you to make all your sharing of content, presentations, courses and information exchanges easier and more powerful, especially from a Windows PC or a MAC OS.


- 1 boitier Wi-Fi miroir B02

- 1 câble HDMI

- 1 câble VGA 

- 1 câble USB 

- 1 câble audio 

- 2 antennes

- 1 adaptateur secteur

- 2 Clickers "Plug & Play"