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Wireless digital blackboard

SpeechiTablet XP wireless graphics tablet


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SpeechiTablet XP wireless graphics tablet

Large worksurface (127 x 203 mm) // Dimensions: 300 x 180 x 10 mm for 520 grams
Compatible with Windows and Mac (Minimum requirements: Windows 7 and MacOS 10.10)
Can be used by right- and left-handed people (reversible)

2048 pressure levels
6 touch shortcuts
Autonomy: more than 25 hours continuously

Resolution 5080 DPI
Reporting rate 266 RPS
Precison +/- 0,03mm

Accessories: 8 pen tips, Quick Start Guide, 1 pen holder, 1 USB receiver, artist's glove, USB cable

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Weight 520 g
Precision 0.03 mm
Dimensions 300 x 180 x 100 mm
Dimensions 278 X 282 X 20 mm
Weight 612 g
Active surface 15 X 20 cm
Scope 15 m
Power Supply Rechargeable Li-on battery via mini-USB
Operating system Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8, Mac OS 10.04 and higher
Accessories This graphics tablet has a carrying case available here : https://shop.speechi.net/en/ardoises-numeriques-sans-fil/3357-sacoche-de-transport-pour-speechi-tablet-xp.html
Autonomy 25 Hours
Stylus Styliste indépendant
Shooting area 120 x 207 mm
Color Grey

Wireless graphic design

The Speechi Tablet XP can be used wirelessly thanks to a USB receiver and its lithium battery : connect your tablet in seconds and benefit directly from the drawing and annotation features.

The ST-TAB-XP graphics tablet is equipped with touch-sensitive shortcuts and a battery-less passive pen. It is the ideal equipment for annotating, drawing and editing your documents.

Sensitive to pressure from the tip of the lead

The stylus allows you to draw with great precision with its extraordinary sensitivity. You will have in your hands a digital equivalent to the caligraphy pen with its detection of numerous pressure levels (sensitive to 2048 levels).

Move freely during your presentations

The Speechi Tablet XP will allow you to take control of a screen or computer from anywhere in the room. Its size increases the precision of the manipulations carried out.

You no longer have to stand next to your computer, but you will give an interactive dimension to your presentation by letting your audience annotate and take control of the board remotely.


With 6 touch-sensitive shortcuts on its edge, it allows you to improve your efficiency and save your time. Switch from brush to Photoshop layer change with a single click.

This graphics tablet has a carrying case available here.