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Full HD video conferencing camera Speechi SPE-UV510


The powerful tool for productive telepresences in high definition

This Full HD camera offers very advanced functions for videoconferencing. With an excellent price / quality ratio, it is also one of the best performing products in its class. Very few cameras combine these technical, optical and mechanical characteristics.

Equipped with an x12 optical zoom, a very large viewing angle (120 ° inclination / 340 ° rotation) and exceptional image rendering thanks to its 2.07 megapixel CMOS sensor and its innovative image processing, this Full HD camera is perfectly suited for videoconferencing or telepresence. It delivers vivid, deep images with high resolution for high quality rendering.

The Speechi Full HD SPE-UV510 camera can be used in a business context (videoconferencing) at meetings and conferences, or in an educational setting, whether during the course or training courses telepresence.

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Weight 1,4kg
Supported Operating Systems (OS) Windows, Linux, MAC OSX, Chrome OS
Maximum resolution 2,07 mégapixels
Viewing angle 72,5°
Control port RS232
USB connection USB 3.0
Warranty 2 years
Accessories included USB cable, power cable, USB 3.0 cable, RS232 cable, remote control, 2 batteries, QSG, Manual
Focus Auto, manual
Dimensions Height: 17 cm, width: 15 cm, depth: 15 cm
Sensor CMOS
Optical Zoom x12
Output resolution Full HD (1920 x 1080)
Video output USB 3.0
Power supply 12v
Connectics RS232 in & out, USB 3.0, audio jack
Accessories Pour une installation fixe sur écran interactif, veuillez vous procurer la plaque support disponible sous :
Tilt Angle 120°
Rotation angle 340°

Videoconferencing ... as if you were all together!

The Speechi SPE-UV510 Full HD camera is the perfect tool for your videoconferences. Efficient and practical, this Full HD camera offers advanced features for high-end performance, excellent rendering and good image quality.

Powerful optical zoom for high-resolution video

The Speechi Full HD camera comes with an optical zoom (x12) and automatic signal processing technology that broadcasts an image in high definition without latency. 

The capture rate of 60 frames per second and the 2.07-megapixel CMOS sensor provide high-resolution (1080p) quality and avoid any latency effect for perfectly smooth and stable videoconferencing sessions.

An angle of view that nothing escapes

It is equipped with intelligent PTZ technology (Pan / Tilt / Zoom). This technology allows, in addition to its significant angle of view of 72.5 °, a direction of the camera on two axes:

  • A horizontal angle of 340 °
  • A vertical angle of -30 ° to +90 °

The Speechi Full HD camera therefore scans a wide angle of view by positioning quickly, without shifting and without noise.

A USB 3.0 video output interface for fast and efficient video transfer

The Speechi SPE-UV510 Full HD video conferencing camera is equipped with a very fast USB 3.0 output interface, which can transfer high definition video without any deterioration of the images, without compressing them and without trolling effects.  

Up to 255 memorizable positions

The Speechi Full HD camera can store up to 255 preset positions in its internal memory:

  • Zoom,
  • Focus,
  • Exposition,
  • Panoramic,
  • tilt,
  • White balance mode,
  • ...

A wide choice of positions and functions for successful videoconferences.

These functions that can be prepared and memorized provide movements and stable remote control for displaying effective and efficient videos.

Easy remote control

Thanks to its remote control, you can easily control the camera remotely. Check the settings and positions of the Full HD Speechi camera during your videoconferences (videos, settings, brightness, etc.).

In addition, RS232 ports in & out also offer you the possibility to perform remote control operations. You can also connect different control devices.

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      • A. Anonymous
      •  the 01/12/2021
      • 5/5
      Caméra de grande qualité avec des changements de plans rapides et fluides
      • A. Anonymous
      •  the 19/11/2021
      • 5/5
      La caméra est très performante