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SpeechiTouch Android High Precision SuperGlass Interactive TouchScreens

Germ-Resistant SuperGlass High Precision Interactive Touchscreen SpeechiTouch Android UHD - 75"


Reduced price! Ecran interactif tactile Android Haute Précision SpeechiTouch UHD - 65"
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Tactile interactive screen SpeechiTouch 75 inches, high precision infrared technology, 4K UHD, Process SuperGlassTM, Android 8

The high precision SpeechiTouch interactive screen stands out for its speed, extreme precision and paper-like writing sensation. A collaboration tool as intuitive and easy to use as a giant tactile tablet.

20 contact points, Android UHD interface, 16Gb (ROM), 3Gb (RAM), speakers 2 x 16W, slot to integrate a Windows PC (optionally).

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Touch Technology Infrared High Precision
Consumption 350W
Supported Operating Systems (OS) Windows, Mac, Linux
Number of simultaneous hits 20 contact points
Precision +/- 1mm
Response time 8 ms
Screen diagonal 75"
Display ratio 16 : 9
Brightness 350 cd/m²
Viewing angle 179°
Camera support Adaptateur pour plaque support inclus. Nécessite la plaque support disponible ici : https://shop.speechi.net/fr/accueil/27994-plaque-support-pour-cameras-accessoire-speechitouch.html
Contrast Ratio 4000 : 1
RAM 3 Gb
Display resolution 4K - UHD (3840 x 2160)
Android version Android 8
Android Resolution 4K - UHD (3840 x 2160)
CPU ARM Cortex A73 dual core + ARM Cortex A53 dual core
GPU Mali G51 Quad core
ROM (internal SSD hard drive) 16 Gb
Protective glass 4mm MOHS level 7
Loudspeakers 2 x 16W
Connectics 1 x RS-232, 1 x Audio in, 1x Audio out, 2 x Touch, 1 VGA in, 1 x Ethernet (LAN), 3 x HDMI in, 1 x HDMI out (4K), 3 x USB 2.0 (of which 2 are in the front face), 3 x USB 3.0, 1 x SPDIF
Warranty 3 years workshop return
Wifi Module WiFi disponible en option
VESA (mm / mm) 800 x 400mm
OPS PC Slot available for an OPS PC (not provided)
Touch functionality Process Superglass
Stylus 2 passive styluses high precision (2 different points)
Display operating system Android
Compatible operating systems (screen mirroring) Windows, Mac, Linux
Package dimensions (W) x (H) x (D) 1860 x 280 x 1170 mm
Product dimensions without packaging (W x H x D) 1710*1020*86mm
Weight with packaging 71 kg
Net weight (without packaging) 52 Kg

A powerful Android core for a perfect interaction

In addition to the autonomy and startup speed it provides, its Android core makes the screen responds to your actions in the most fair way possible. The power of integrated processors is indeed such that no latency is visible and ensures a perfect interaction between you and the screen.
This core allows you to use all Speechistore applications and enjoy high precision infrared detection without latency.

An Android interface in very high definition

If its detection technology is remarkable for its accuracy, the definition of its Android 8 interface is too. All SpeechiTouch High Precision tactile screens come with a 4K (3840 x 2160 pixels) Android interface with a very high pixel density.

The Android version 8 gives you access to the latest security updates, an optimized interface and many features.

The new process SuperGlassTM

Hyper detection accuracy

Thanks to the hyper precision provided by this infrared technology, you could write on the tactile screen with the same precision as that required by graph paper. To take advantage of this extreme accuracy, the interactive SpeechiTouch screen is provided with 2 different size pens (one of which is less than 3mm) that can differentiate and write two different colors.

A great writing fluidity for a better comfort

The tactile screen has been designed so that its glass surface is forgotten. In addition to being matte and anti-reflective, the glass has indeed been improved to provide more comfort: a roughness decreased by 20% compared to traditional tactile screens that gives the impression that the styluses slide more fluidly on the screen.

A maximum reduction of "optical bonding"

The traditional gap of about 4mm that a user finds between the place where he puts his pen and the place where the line is actually drawn, called "optical bonding", is only 0.5mm on the high precision tactile screen.

An interactive screen combining strength and finesse

Thanks to its aluminum frame and tempered glass panel, our tactile screens are reinforced to withstand daily shocks. Since no maintenance is required, the lifetime of the interactive screens is of approximately 30 years.

Because its infrared technology is high precision, the screen no longer needs a frame as thick as that of traditional infrared technology screens. The high-precision SpeechiTouch tactile screen therefore gains finesse with edges that are only 6mm.

Available in several sizes

The high-precision SpeechiTouch touchscreen is available in 65 '', 75 '' and 86 '' to match the size of your rooms and your needs. This entire touchscreen range is in 4K Ultra HD resolution.

Iolaos, a very complete annotation software

This software is offered with SpeechiTouch touch screens. The Iolaos toolbar, at your fingertips from any source, is a click away from either side of your screen to annotate all your presentations.

Warranty extensions available