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Virtual Voting License Je Lève La Main''Auditorium'' 200 Students (12 Months)


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PNo need for a physical voting box anymore to play your quizzes thanks to Virtual Je Lève La Main. Only one application to download and your smartphone, tablet or computer becomes a virtual voting box.

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A very complete application to create your virtual quizzes

Je Lève La Main offers you multiple features in question creation, from multiple choice to single choice, true or false questions or alpha numeric questions.

The possibility of raising the hand virtually

Are you facing a massive audience? Thanks to this function, you will be able to directly identify people with questions and answer them more quicklyt.

Create a survey? This is possible thanks to "Je Lève La Main"

VThis allows you to go beyond asking questions to your audience and ask them for their opinion on a particular topic.

Live or not thanks to delayed sessionss

Illustrate your quizzes by adding media to your questions

UA very useful feature to be able to illustrate the questions in order to facilitate the answers. Different types of media can be associated: a video, a sound, an image, a pdf, a Youtube video … A very complete panel to be able to vary your sources.

Share your quizzes online

A quiz portal is now available. You will be able to access quizzes created by other people and load your own quizzes to make them availabl.

Export results

The results can be exported to Excel in order to produce statistics more easily. However, you already have the possibility to see the results of each question live when a quiz is played.

Use "I Lift My Hand" anywhere

"Je Lève La Main" is compatible with all devices, whether smartphone, tablet or computer, both IOS and Android. This makes it much easier to distribute quizzes.