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Interactive Screens Speechi Touch Pro

Tactile interactive capacitive screen Android + Windows SpeechiTouch Pro UHD - 65’’


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With the interactive capacitive screen SpeechiTouch Pro, relive the experience of a smartphone on a giant tactile screen: responsiveness, fluidity and precision.   

Delivered with an OPS i5 module, the screen offers, in addition to the Microsoft Office 2016 suite, a collaborative software suite for companies (brainstorming, presentation, animation, remote collaboration), as well as a full HD camera for your videoconferences. 

Detection of 1024 pressure levels, rejection of the palm of the hand, 2 high precision active styluses provided with the screen.

20 contact points, UHD resolution (4k), Android 7, 16 GB of flash memory (ROM) and 2 Gb of RAM. Two side speakers (2 x 10W) and a subwoofer (15W).

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Touch Technology Capacitive
Supported Operating Systems (OS) Windows / Mac / Linux
Number of simultaneous hits 20 contact points
Precision +/- 1mm
Response time 9 ms
Display ratio 16 : 9
Brightness 350 cd/m²
Viewing angle 179°
Contrast Ratio 4000 : 1
RAM 2 Gb
Available sizes 65"
Display resolution 4K - UDH (3840 x 2160)
Android version Android 7
Android Resolution 1080p - Full HD (1080 x 1920)
CPU ARM Cortex A73 dual core
GPU Mali 450*2
ROM (internal SSD hard drive) 16 Gb
Protective glass 4mm MOHS level 7
Loudspeakers 2 * 10W + 15W (sub)
Connectics 1 * RS-232, 1 * Audio in, 1* Audio out, 2 * Touch, 1 VGA in, 1 * Ethernet (LAN), 2 * HDMI in, 1 * HDMI out, 4 * USB 2.0, 1 * USB 3.0, 1 * AV in, 1 * SPDIF
Warranty 3 years
VESA (mm / mm) 600 * 400 mm
Software included Suite Office, Tamashare, Iolaos, Draft, Je Lève La Main
OPS PC PC running Windows 10
Palm of the hand rejection Yes
Touch functionality Pressure level detection (1024 niveaux)
Stylus 2 high precision styluses sensitive to pressure (provided)
Display operating system Android
Compatible operating systems (screen mirroring) Windows / Mac / Linux
Accessories included Wireless keyboard and mouse provided with the OPS PC Windows
Product dimensions without packaging (W x H x D) 1493*872*88 mm
Net weight (without packaging) 45 Kg

Capacitive: smartphone technology applied to giant tactile screens

With capacitive technology, the SpeechiTouch touchscreen achieves unparalleled responsiveness and accurately and closely reflects what you write and draw.

Android 7 for a very powerful tactile screen

The Android chip embedded in the capacitive screen SpeechiTouch is very powerful, you can install on the screen apps that require a high-performance Android system to run them.

Unparalleled comfort and writing precision

Write on the capacitive screen with a finger as with a stylus. Because it recognizes pressure levels (1024 levels), the SpeechiTouch Capacitive Screen is perfect for graphic design jobs. The more you press the stylus, the thicker the line will be. To ensure greater writing comfort, you can use your stylus while placing the palm of your hand on the screen without it notching anything. The capacitive screen is, in fact, designed to recognize and "ignore" your hand when it serves as support for better writing or drawing.

An interactive multitouch screen to write with others

A perfect collaborative tool, the SpeechiTouch capacitive screen recognizes up to 20 points of contact and 10 simultaneous writing points to intervene with others without any conflict on the screen. Interact with the two on the screen at the same time, and give the two active pens that come with the screen a different color and writing thickness in the annotation software Note (on the Android part) or Iolaos (installed on the OPS PC).

Ultra HD 4k image resolution and excellent sound

Thanks to its 4K UHD resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels), the SpeechiTouch Capacitive Screen is an excellent display medium with which you can enjoy images in their smallest detail.

The SpeechiTouch capacitive touch screen features two 2X 10W side speakers and a 15W subwoofer. Power and quality of sound essential for videoconference sessions and a layout of its speakers that invites you to totally immerse yourself while watching your videos.

A tactile "glass only" screen and featherweight

Thanks to its absence of rim and perfectly smooth glass surface, this capacitive screen is as flat as smartphones. A solution of display and aesthetic presentation that will match showrooms and any space dedicated to high-class receptions.

The capacitive screen SpeechiTouch only weighs 45 kg. A weight advantage if you want to integrate your screen in the most harmonious way to your space: hung on a wall or attached to a mobile stand.

The 4 essential software for a collaborative work

On the SpeechiTouch Pro interactive screen, are installed the Microsoft Office Suite 2016 (Word, Power Point, Excel), as well as 4 softwares presenting collaborative functionalities essential for working in a company.

  • The software Tamashare is a videoconference software to collaborate remotely. By offering a simple and intuitive interface, as well as the security of transmissions and sessions, this software is ideal for companies that want to ensure that their confidential data can not be collected in a malicious way. The software installed on the OPS comes with a 5-person license for use at 5 points of contact. One hour training is offered to master the software.
  • I Raise My Hand is a simple and effective evaluation software to animate your meetings or formations. Provided with a 30 people license, it allows to quickly survey or question your participants by creating quizzes.
  • Iolaos is the annotation and presentation software which will allow you to annotate your documents, create slides, insert any type of multimedia content (image, audio document, video).
  • Draft is a useful software to organize the work of a whole team and brainstorming. It works on the principle of "Post-it" © that you create and organize as you see fit. Include annotated documents, videos, and links to useful web pages for your brainstorming.
  • Ubikey is a software for managing agile projects specially designed for interactive screens. It is adapted to their size and the specificities of multitouch. Its large number of templates makes it possible to use the most well known lean methods. Ubikey is available as an option instead of the Draft software. 

A Full HD camera for your interactive videoconferencing

The interactive touch screen Pro Speechi Touch is complemented by a Speechi webcam with built-in microphone. A real added value to collaborate remotely with 1080p Full HD image quality.

A driver built into the OPS PC to differentiate the stylus from your finger

On the PC part of the touch screen, perform different actions depending on whether you are using your finger or a stylus :

  • Use a stylus to draw and write, just like a pencil on a sheet of paper.
  • Use your finger as a mouse to click, select, move items, scroll through pages in a document, and more.

©: “Post-it” is a registered trademark of 3M. The term "post-it", when used in this page, refers only, by analogy and for purposes of understanding, to virtual notes displayed on an interactive screen and not to paper notebooks marketed by 3M under the name "post-it".

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