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Formation écrans interactifs SpeechiTouch

Advanced remote course on your interactive screen (1h30)


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This advanced course is done remotely from our Huddle room.

Objective of the course: learn how to use all the features of your interactive screen so that you are completely autonomous.

  • Know the gestures and actions to interact with the screen.
  • Know how to use the interactive screen perfectly.
  • Optimize the use of your new tool.
  • In-depth discovery of the applications and software on the interactive screen.
  • Locate guides, manuals and tutorials available as support or on your screen to continue your discovery of the screen and its tools.

Duration of the course: 1H30 maximum.

Number of people who can attend the course: unlimited.

This training is an in-depth version of the half-hour module (quick start course for the interactive screen). This long module will allow you to go deeper into the details of the screen you have chosen. 

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Course in videoconference from our Huddle room

Our huddle room in Lille is equipped with all the collaborative equipment necessary to provide quality remote courses:

  • a Full HD 360° camera 
  • a quality sound system
  • an interactive screen of last generation, our support of the formation
  • a visualisor

This course takes place on Zoom or Tamashare (you do not need to buy this software).

To carry out this videoconference course, we adapt to your tools: Zoom, Skype, Hangouts, Facebook Messenger or Tamashare. 

 Handling Program 

  1. Turn on and start the interactive screen.
  • Learn how to turn on and start your screen.
  • Know the functions of the buttons on the front and on the sides of the screen.

  1. Use the Android part of the screen.
  • Access the Chrome browser from the home page.
  • Discover the toolbar as a dog paw.
  • Use the Finder and manage its files (download, save and import).
  • Getting started with the note annotation software and its main features.
  • Presentation of the store: the types of integrated apps and the procedure for adding an app.
  • Create a wifi connection point from the screen.
  • Adjust the screen settings with the remote control app.
  • Manage its sources and switch between different sources of the screen to play with different devices.
  • Create a quiz with the application I Raise My Hand, developed by Speechi. Presentation of functionalities for Professor & Animator, polling/opinion taking functionalities, functionalities for Student & Participant.
  • Use the camera.

  1. Use the Windows part of the screen.
  • Getting started with the toolbar
  • Perform the same actions as on any computer.
  • Learn to use the basics of the Iolaos tool.
  • Presentation of the professional software suite.
  • The MS Office Suite.
  • Discover the collaborative software Tamashare.
  • Discover the brainstorming software Draft.
  • Discover the Presentation mode / Desktop mode.
  • Presentation of differentiation.

  1. Options and accessories (BYOD, mirroring, digital signage...).
  • Depending on your current configuration and your pre-order.

  1. Phase of questions / answers.
  • Do not hesitate to prepare questions or ask all those who came to you during the course. The objective of this course is your total autonomy with the interactive screen.

NB: if your course request concerns a Clevertouch screen, the course frame will remain essentially the same as for a SpeechiTouch screen but will include some different presentations. The course is adapted to your model. 

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      • A. Anonymous
      •  the 14/12/2021
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      Très pratique
      • P. Yann
      •  the 24/07/2021
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      parfait !
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      •  the 21/04/2021
      • 5/5
      pas encore faite mais c'est une très bonne chose