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Écrans interactifs SpeechiTouch Android Haute Précision SuperGlass 2+

SpeechiTouch SuperGlass 2+ 65'' interactive display


Sale! Ecran Superglass 2+ 65"
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SpeechiTouch 65" interactive touchscreen, high precision infrared technology, 4K UHD, SuperGlass 2+ TMprocess, Android 11

Remarkable in its precision, power and speed, the SuperGlass 2+ touchscreen is a high-end collaboration tool with superior performance.

  • Highly accurate writing: The SuperGlass 2+ screen tracks your finger and stylus with unparalleled precision thanks to its 40 touch points and zero-bounce.
  • Unmatched power and responsiveness: Your applications launch and run very quickly. Powerful operation thanks to its 2 Quad Core processors and 8GB RAM/64GB ROM.
  • Easy to use: Interact on the screen with the same gestures as on a tablet thanks to its Android core.
  • A great comfort of use: Enjoy a visual and tactile comfort studied thanks to its anti-blue light filter (Eye care), its smooth surface and its pens with felt-tip lead.

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Touch Technology High Precision Infrared
Consumption 395W
Supported Operating Systems (OS) Windows 10 - 8 - 7 - XP / Linux / Mac / Android / Chrome
Number of simultaneous hits 40 touch points
Precision less than 1mm
Response time 5ms
Display ratio 16 : 9
Brightness 350 cd/m²
Viewing angle 179°
Refresh Rate 60Hz
Integrated speakers 2 x 20W
Camera support Adapter for support plate included. Requires support plate available here: https://shop.speechi.net/fr/accueil/27994-plaque-support-pour-cameras-accessoire-speechitouch.html
Contrast Ratio 1200:1
RAM 8 Go
Available sizes 65'', 75'', 86''
Display resolution 4K - UHD (3840 x 2160)
Android version Android 11
CPU A73 Quad core + A53 Quad core
GPU Mali G52 MP8
ROM (internal SSD hard drive) 64 Go
Protective glass 3mm tempered glass with anti-reflective coating
Connectics 2 x Touch 2.0, 3 x HDMI IN 2.0, 1 x USB 2.0, 4 x USB 3.0 (2 in front), 1 x USB C, 1 x Audio OUT, 1 x RS232, 2 x RJ45, 1 x SPDIF, 1 x HDMI OUT (4K), 1 x TF Card
Warranty 3 years return to workshop
Wifi Optional WiFi module available
VESA (mm / mm) 600 x 400
OPS PC Slot available for an OPS PC (not supplied)
Touch functionality SuperGlass 2+ High precision 3rd generation process
Stylus 2 high precision passive styli (2 different tips)
Display operating system Android
Compatible operating systems (screen mirroring) Windows, Mac, Linux
Accessories included 1 x HDMI cable, 1 x USB Touch cable, 1 x power cable, 2 x styli, 1 x remote control
Product dimensions without packaging (W x H x D) 1488 x 897 x 86
Net weight (without packaging) 35 kg

A powerful work and presentation tool 

Whether you are a school or a company, the interactive screen is an exceptional tool for teaching, demonstrating or teamwork.

  • Enjoy its excellent display quality in terms of size, precision (4K UHD) and colour rendering.
  • Collaborate or involve multiple students on the screen with its multi-touch capability that supports up to 40 touch points.
  • Retrieve your work documents hosted on your Cloud (Google Drive or OneDrive) directly from the screen, an interesting alternative to the USB key.
  • Install your work applications on the screen. Its Android 11 and 8GB of RAM and 64GB of ROM ensure fast execution without latency.

SuperGlass 2+™ technology for precision

  • Intelligent detection: the touch screen is able to detect the surface occupied by a contact point. The two pens supplied with the SuperGlass 2+ each have a thin and a thick lead which the screen differentiates. In Note, assign a different colour to each lead.
  • Zero offset: optical bonding - that 4mm gap between the point on the screen you touch and the point where you draw your line - is reduced to a minimum, making it extremely accurate.
  • Zero latency: the SuperGlass2+ screen follows your finger or stylus, keeping pace with your writing and never falling behind.
écran tactile UHD

A comfortable working environment

The touch surface of the SuperGlass 2+ display has been designed to provide users with a comfortable working environment:Sa technologie Eye Care, activable depuis le panneau des sources de l’écran, atténue fortement la fatigue oculaire engendrée par l’exposition prolongée à la lumière bleue de l’écran. 

  • Its anti-glare panel reduces the visual discomfort caused by exposure to direct or indirect light.
  • The roughness of the touch surface, reduced by 20% compared to a standard screen, gives the finger a smoother and softer surface.
  • The two pens supplied with the screen have a felt tip to prevent them from rattling on the screen.
écran interactif professionnel

A durable, all-purpose screen  

The SuperGlass 2+ interactive display is a robust work tool.

  • Covered with a 3mm tempered glass slab, it offers resistance to daily shocks and is suitable for all audiences.
  • The long life of its LED panel and the lack of maintenance it requires make it ideal for all types of structures, companies and schools.
écran tactile tbi millieu scolaire

An integrated whiteboard app and toolkit

The interactive screen is a writing surface 2.0 with integrated Note software and a side toolbar that can be deployed at any time. 

  • The toolbar, which is just a click away from any source, gives you permanent access to annotation, capture and recording tools.
  • Note is a digital whiteboard application where you can insert media, tables, captures, use geometric tools or do a web search.
module pc ops écran tactile

A screen to customise with options

The SuperGlass 2+ screen is a powerful tool that can be equipped with additional tools to suit your needs and uses.

  • For a screen connected to the web, complete your screen with a WiFi & Bluetooth module.
  • Make your display an all-rounder, both tablet and PC, by adding a Windows 10 PC OPS to clip into the edge of the display and switch from Android to PC with a simple gesture from the source panel.
  • Turn your interactive screen into a video tool by adding a camera.

Warranty extensions available