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Iolaos single-user license (purchased with one of our interactive solutions)


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Single-user license of the Iolaos interactive software (purchased with interactive hardware)

Thanks to Iolaos, your interactive presentations become multimedia. Add videos, sounds, annotate your images, use digital resources for even richer presentations.

Iolaos software is easy to use and offers a wide range of features, a first overview of which can be found below.

It is provided as a standard with our SpeechiTouch displays and is now available with our other interactive solutions!

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Intuitive basic functions

The IWB Iolaos software is perfectly multitouch. You can therefore annotate several simultaneously.

Among the basic functionalities, beyond annotation, are geometric shape addition, automatic shape recognition, text addition and handwriting recognition.

Iolaos, a very complete interactive software

Iolaos offers you, beyond the basic functions, a database of educational resources in mathematics, physics and chemistry to enhance your courses.

You will find in particular compass, tool of function drawings, containers to carry out an assembly of chemistry lab etc.

Do you want to illustrate your presentation with pictures? Iolaos offers you the possibility to integrate images directly from the Google search engine.

Annotate all your pages and applications very easily on your interactive screen

olaos also offers a floating palette to annotate all your presentations. This palette not only allows you to write, but also gives access to toolbox features such as the projector (to focus attention), whiteboard or screenshot.

The license works under Windows. It may only be used on eBeam, NEC or Speechi branded interactive material, marketed by Speechi or one of our authorized resellers.

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    • Number of Reviews : 6
    • Average Grade : 4.8 /5
      • A. Anonymous
      •  the 30/11/2021
      • 4/5
      Ok !
      • A. Anonymous
      •  the 19/11/2021
      • 5/5
      A conseiller
      • A. Anonymous
      •  the 13/04/2021
      • 5/5
      application très conviviale et performante
      • A. Anonymous
      •  the 19/05/2019
      • 5/5
      • A. Anonymous
      •  the 30/01/2017
      • 5/5
      Le meilleur logiciel pour écrans tactiles
      • A. Anonymous
      •  the 21/07/2016
      • 5/5
      Logiciel d'annotations simple et complet