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Ubikey collaborative software - 1 ID - 24 months (optional with the purchase of the software suite Pro or SpeechiTouch Pro )


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Take advantage of the Ubikey software option when you purchase a Pro software suite or a SpeechiTouch Pro display.

Warning: this option replaces Draft in the pro software suite.

Ubikey is a collaborative software specially designed to work on an interactive screen. Its design is arched around collaboration, multi-touch and all the interactive features of giant touch screens.

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Equip your SpeechiTouch pro with the best collaboration software

This option allows you to replace the Draft note management software within your Pro software suite, available for purchase or integrated with the SpeechiTouch interactive displays in the Pro range.

An open collaborative space 

Totally dematerialized, your workspace is managed by your interactive screen. You can organize your meetings, work with several people simultaneously and manage your work groups.

Project managers can also remotely connect securely via their tablet or smartphone, sending notes to the meeting.

A tool palette adapted to interactivity

With a simple touch of your finger, you can display the tool palette on your Ubikey software at any time. This allows you to create notes, link them together, change their color, write, draw, select, delete, etc.

Dozens of integrated agile methods

Between the widely used Swot and the Scrum, Gantt, Flowchart, QQCOQP, action plan, or the famous canva business model, your employees will necessarily find their favorite tool among the templates integrated by Ubikey.

Your projects are secured and saved

You can connect to your space via a login and password that are specific to you. You can communicate these identifiers to your collaborators or invite them to the meeting via a QR Code.

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