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Ubikey is the first collaborative software for interactive touch screens to work in agile and lean project management.

The digitalisation of collaborative tools has raised the question of creating interactive software that is perfectly adapted to interactive screens. Software publisher Ubikey has created the first collaborative software that fully exploits the features of interactive screens such as multitouch, finger-pen differentiation, etc.

Ubikey is designed to match the giant touch-screen workspace of the Speechitouch interactive screen.

2 years license for an ID. An ID can correspond to several projects and several users.

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Organize, plan, distribute, collaborate

Speechi and Ubikey have collaborated to offer a collaborative working software adapted to SpeechiTouch interactive screens 003. This software makes it possible to optimize the collaborative work while matching the multitouch of the screens. 

The simplicity of use of the software as well as the multitude of templates it presents will inevitably attract your employees.

Dematerialize your workspace

Without any particular compartmentalisation between your projects, you can create new projects, modify existing ones, invite your collaborators to join your current work using a login or a QR Code (via tablets and smartphones). 

If the Ubikey software advocates all the collaborative work within the same room in front of a touch screen, it is quite possible to use it as a remote working tool. 

A multitude of templates available

Speechi has chosen for you the collaborative templates most frequently used to perfect your digital workspace. 

From the classic Whiteboard to the best known methods in agile project management (Swot, Scrum, Gantt, Flowchart, QQCOQP, plan of action, business model, etc.), vyou will necessarily find the templates you need. Just in case, you will also be able to import your own PDF documents and use them in the background. 

A secure collaborative workspace 

Your projects are perfectly secure because they are locked by a login and only accessible via this one or via the QR Code.