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Interactive camera for a non-interactive video projector


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The new Speechi IC2 interactive camera (optical process) is multi-touch and has a very low latency (faster writing speed than most fixed and mobile interactive boards). The system can be set up in a few minutes around any fixed video projector (ceiling, short focal length, tabletop projector).

Accessories : 2 stylets

strong points : quick and easy installation, compatible with any support, integrated software for easy configuration (Linux, MacOS, Windows)

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Turn any projector into an interactive whiteboard

This camera mounts in front of your projection screen and converts the video projector into an interactive whiteboard, bringing interactivity to your classroom or meeting room.

The key word here is universality, the camera adapts to all models of video projector, whatever the brand. Whether you have a ceiling-mounted, table-top or short-throw camera, you can connect it easily, without time-consuming adjustments ! 

Native multi-user capability

The system supports 2 simultaneous users. They can therefore write to the board in the LightPen software at the same time. This camera offers the possibility for 2 users to collaborate at the same time thanks to the LightPen software, ideal in your brainstorming sessions or to make your students work on the same support.

An extendable stylus that can be transformed into a magic wand, with a large autonomy.

The supplied stylus (50 g) has a double function and can also be used as a magic wand. The chopstick function is especially popular in small classes. Containing 2 AAA batteries, which can be recharged, the stylus has an autonomy of 120 hours.

Easy installation and calibration

The easy Plug & Play connection allows you to install your camera in seconds. It is equipped with a memory on which the drivers are preloaded. The camera can be connected to the USB port of your computer with its 4.5 m cable.

Calibration (phase allowing you to set up the board before use) is quick and easy: click on the 4 calibration points and you will be able to use your new interactive whiteboard directly.

Use the LightPen-Dual software and take full advantage of the interactive functions (annotation, mouse mode, etc...).

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      • A. Anonymous
      •  the 03/11/2016
      • 5/5
      Très pratique pour transformer un vidéoprojecteur en VPi à moindre coût.