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Educational robotics kits and boxes of games to learn programming

With our educational robotics kits and our boxes of games, initiate yourself to robotics and programming ! The particular configuration of our bricks allow you to assemble a multitude of robots with easy and quickly. In our robotics kits, you will not find any screws, but pieces and bricks to slot into one another to create your robots. Depending on the kits, you will find, amongst the pieces, servomotors and motors in CC, sensors of all types (light, pressure, sound, infrareds), but also wheels or even axles.

Once your robot is assembled, launch yourself into the programming of your robot thanks to our 2 programming environments made for big beginners : Icon Programming and Block Programming based on the famous open source software Scratch.

Two educational robotic kits

Two boxes are offered to professors to teach robotics and programming to students :

  • The National Education Box sold with 14 lessons organised around 4 themes.
  • The Algora Box that offers a greater amount of pieces with the possibility of aquiring the 36 associated lessons.

Six boxes of games

To have fun and initiate yourself alone to programming, 6 boxes of robot games are offered to you for all tastes: program intelligent cars, tyrannosauruses or even robot transformers

What is programming ?

Programming is a science and a technique allowing you to give instructions to an object (robots for example, but also home appliances, smartphones, traffic signs etc.). These instructions are given via a programming software that informs the computer of the instructions to be given to the object and the conditions in which to give them. Multiple specific languages exist to give these instruction and programming environments have been designed to initiate kids to learn this programming language(like Block Programming developped on the model of Scratch).

Why learn programming and robotics ?

Learning programming has become essential to understand and apprehend the world in which we are living, just like it is essential to know how to count, write and read. Today, we are working and organizing our life more and more with the help of programmed objects. The proper functionning of our society even depends largely on these programmed objects.