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Ici c'est la boutique Education(1). Je suis une Entreprise.
Ici c'est la boutique Education(1). Je suis une Entreprise.
Customize your own stationary interactive whiteboard

You can customize your own stationary interactive whiteboard (model, size, accessories) simply in a few clicks.


Which models of stationary interactive whiteboards ?

Multiple solutions are offered to you to obtain a stationary interactive whiteboard:

  • A tactile interactive whiteboard of which the frame contains infrared sensors capable of detecting the movements on its surface. This stationary solution offers the most precis technology and the most successful thanks to the multitouch (10 possible contact points) and it's tactile surface with a finger or a stylus.
  • Our mobile solutions converted into stationary solutions :
    • A pack containing an eBeam Projection to attach permanently in one of the corners of the whiteboard, its protective casing and a whiteboard.
    • A pack containing an eBeam Edge, which presents itself in the form of an interactive bar to attach on one of the edges of the whiteboard, its protective casing and a whiteboard.
  • You already have a whiteboard, a video projector and you only need the interactivity? Opt for the most economic solution : an interactive camera to make your video projector interactive.

Why choose a stationary interactive whiteboard?

If you do not have to travel and that the IWB is a frequent working tool, we advice that you get the stationary IWB that reveals itself to be more comfortable for several reasons. Indeed, once the stationary IWB is installed and callibrated, the whiteboard no longer needs any more adjusting and becomes operational a lot faster than a mobile IWB. The projection surface is therefor clearly defined for all your future usages, without any risk of an offset between the projected interface and your actions on the interactive whiteboard. With the stationary interactive whiteboard, you will certainly gain in efficiency and in comfort, and especially save time.

Mobile mounts for your stationary IWB

If we conceive even more that the stationary interactive whiteboard is like a whiteboard mounted on a wall, you can, nevertheless, gain a minimum of mobility thanks to mobile mounts. If you wish to move your stationary IWB from one room to another, we have designed mobile mounts for your stationary interactive whiteboard, like the electrical mount on wheels intended for attaching a video projector using a short or an ultra-short focal.

tableau interactif fixe - TBI fixe

The Stationary Interactive Whiteboard : what differences are there with the mobile interactive whiteboard ?

Unlike the mobile interactive whiteboard capable of making any projection surface interactive (whiteboard, wall…) using a solution designed to be temporarily attached on a any kind of mount, the stationary interactive whiteboard makes in a permanent way a surface interactive, generally a whiteboard.