Installation/Training Service

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Ici c'est la boutique Education(1). Je suis une Entreprise.
Ici c'est la boutique Education(1). Je suis une Entreprise.

The interactive whiteboards and interactive video projectors are still complexe products to install (in particular, the ultra-short focal technology we are offering the most often needs a precis adjustment). The interactive screens do not need any particular adjustments but are obviously heavy and must be firmly installed. We offer all around France an installation service for our products that has 4 phases.

In Corsica and in the French Overseas Territories, our authorized distributors take in charge these services.

  • Before installation

Telephone audit, possibly completed with photos. 

  • Physical installation of the material at the clients' location and wiring

All the cables and conduits necessary are included in the provision.

  • Checking the installation

Test that its functioning correctly and of the interactivity

  • Mastery of the material

Explanations about the material and the software with the client (approx. 30 mn)

The complete description of the installation process can be found here : Installation process