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Mobile IWB

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Ici c'est la boutique Education(1). Je suis une Entreprise.
Ici c'est la boutique Education(1). Je suis une Entreprise.

The interactive whiteboard completely nomad

Bring your interactive whiteboard everywhere with you ! 
These light and compact modules slide easily into a computer bag and will become an essential tool to annotate your presentations.
Furthermor, the mobile IWB can be sed on all type of rigide surfaces (whiteboards, walls, ….). Transform any surface into an interactive whiteboard.

The sharable IWB

The mobile interactive whiteboard can be shared very easily between collaborators. You can therefor equip multiple rooms with a single interactive whiteboard. An economic and ecological gain at the same time.

Installed in a few seconds

By the time you turn on your video projector and attach the interactive whiteboard eBeam on the whiteboard, you are already ready to use your mobile IWB. The calibration to use the interactivity is done in a few seconds.

Compatible with all the video projectors

The mobile interactive whiteboard is used with all types of video projectors (mobile video projector, attached to the wall, to the ceiling, …). You can therefor keep your current video projectors and transform them very easily into interactive whiteboards.

You do not possess a video projector ? Our mobile interactive video projectors offered in our suitcases will answer your needs. Genuine transportable interactive multimedia rooms, … and especially sharable! These suitcases containing mobile interactive video projectors are entirely customizable according to your needs.

A simple but powerful whiteboard software

The mobile interactive whiteboard eBeam is accompagnied by the software for interactive whiteboards eBeam Interact. An interactive software easy to use but very powerful.
It is presented in the form of a palette so that the user can use only the useful features.
Find out more about the software eBeam Interact.