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Ici c'est la boutique Education(1). Je suis une Entreprise.
Ici c'est la boutique Education(1). Je suis une Entreprise.

What is an image Visualiser ?

An image Visualiser is simply a camera that is attached onto a device, usually an articulated arm, of which the image is transmitted onto a computer, a video projector or even an interactive whiteboard (IWB).

The objectif of a Visualiser is to display an image on a screen in a way to observe the smallest details. Plugged into an interactive video projector for example, the Visualiser will allow you to display an image and to add annotations directly onto the concerned image.

Plebiscite in the world of education equally to dissect an artistic painting or to analyse an x-ray of a metacarpal, its high resolution (HD) optical zoom allows you to see the infinitely small and explain to your auditory the details that they would have missed without the usage of this device.

Why use a Visualiser in a classroom ?

To grab the attention of the class ! If you want your pupils to observe microscopique living beings, each one of them has to have their own microscope. But how to be sure that they are looking at what you want them to be observing ? And how to make sure that they remember it ? By projecting the image of the Visualiser on a big screen, you will be able to directly show the zones to observe and to add annotations for example. The advantage of a Visualiser resides in the fact that you can then, save the image and its annotations and send it to your pupils and make sure that the right information is sent to them.

Connecting a Visualiser to an external device like an IWB

All our Visualisers have a adapted port like a USB, VGA or HDMI connection. Taking into account the quality of the resolution of the image (FullHD), we advise you clearly to use a HDMI connection in order to not deteriorate the quality of the image visualised. If you have a computer, you only need to plug in the Visualiser with an HDMI cable like any other device.

Making annotations on the visualized images

All our Visualisers are equipped with an integrated software, easy to use that will allow you in an intuitive way to make annotations, hide zones that you do not want to be seen and so much more. In 2016, Visualisers clearly made an alternative to using a transparency in an overhead.

The advantages of a Visualiser

First of all, a Visualiser is very practical to use. You take it out of its case, you plug it into an external device (computer, IWB or video projector), you turn it on and the image is directly projected onto the chosen surface. Thanks to its small size (maximum 50 cm) a Visualiser is easily transportable and weights in general less than 2kg. The clearness and the quality of the image in high resolution (Full HD), you quickly make you forget your archaic overheads.

How to choose your Visualiser ?

A very varied range exists in terms of Visualisers. you can find Visualisers at many different prices. Of course, they vary depending on multiple criterias.

Quelle est la puissance du zoom optique recherchée ?

Some Visualisers will give you a zoom that makes the image 6 times bigger (zoom X6) and others will go much further into detail, notably up to an enlargement 10 times bigger (zoom X10). Once again it all depends on the planned usages of this Visualiser. If the objective of usage of your Visualiseris to show a text on the screen, the zoom(X6) will suffice. However, some people prefer going directly for a zoom(X10), because in the future they might need an optimal zoom, notably if the objective of usage of this Visualiser resides in the microscopic analysis of micro-organisme for example.

Which brightness is sought for this Visualiser ?

All the Visualisers are equipped with an LED light. However, there exists different types of LED Llights that can be associated to it. Once again, it all depends on the wanted usage. Some Visualisers have a simple LED light, which means they only have a single level of brightness. Others however, will be equipped with LED lights with multiple levels of brightness. If I am visualizing a very clear photo, I'll use a low brightness. If I'm analysing a dark image, then, I can use the 3rd level of brightness in order to use all the power of the LED light.

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