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Answering systems (Je Lève La Main)

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Ici c'est la boutique Education(1). Je suis une Entreprise.
Ici c'est la boutique Education(1). Je suis une Entreprise.

Test the knowledge of your audience

The voting boxes I Raise My Hand will allow you to very easily test the knowledge of your assembly. 
The software I Raise My Hand offers you in particular the ability to edit quizzes, view the results and manage your auditory.
It is perfectly integrated with powerpoint. You will therefor be able to reuse your existing quizzes very easily.

A rich amount of possibilities

Questions with a single choice, multiple choices, true or false, alpha-numerical answers, the type of questions available are very complete.
You can also integrate medias into your questions to precis or illustrate them.
Other interesting options in the optic of evaluating are available: timer per question, attribution of points depending on the answer given, and many others to discover.

Comprehensive results

The available results at the end of the quiz will give you a complete vision: result per question, per student, per class, comparative, history. They are then exportable into an Excel file to facilitate the analysis of the results.

A teacher box to pilote the quiz

You can thanks to this box control the progress of the quiz remotely: press pause, go to the next question, show the intermediate results, the lot to allow you an easy of movement when you start your quizzes. You therefor no longer need to stay next to your screen the whole time, which increases the interaction with your audience.

I Raise My Hand now also available in a virtual version

You no longer need physical voting boxes. All you have to do is download the I Raise My Hand app and you will be able to play your quizzes or answer it from a Smartphone, a tablet or a computer. 
The app offers your multiple functionalities: various types of questions (multiple choices, true or false, alpha-numerical, etc), the differed sessions, create polls, share quizzes on the cloud etc...
A test version of the app is available (up to 5 users).