Video projectors for stationary interactive whiteboards

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Customize yourself your stationary interactive whiteboard

You can customize your stationary interactive whiteboard yourself (model, size, accessories) in a few clicks.


Do you already have an IDW ? You will need a video projector for your stationary interactive whiteboard ? You will find on this page multiple devices, perfectly adapted to the usage of an IWB.

Our video projectors are appreciated because of their multiple perks. Thanks to them, you can project all sorts of documents, without having to attach this device to the ceiling. Thanks to the ultra-short focal, the projection of documents, films or animations will no longer be a problem. Its usage is therefor possible in all classrooms.

For each device, you will find the detailled specifications. We also indicate the complementary accessories for an optimale usage of this educational tool. This is very interesting to renew the pedagogical sessions and to increase the students participation.

The teachers can use it to favor learning by reading. Thanks to the projected image, the video projector for stationary interactive whiteboard will bring novelty to learn writing, calculation and the fundamental teachings that all students need to know before entering middle school.

In secondary school, a French, mathematics or science lesson can be given in a way that is more ludic thanks to the usage of the IDW (Interactive Digital Whiteboard). Again, the video projector brings multiple innovations, replacing in an advantageous way the projection of a film. The teacher will be able to use the IDW to annotate the lessons elements and interact with all the students in his class.

At Speechi's, you will be able to adapt all your pedagogical needs, by customizing your future IWB and/or your video projector. You can find all the useful information and benefit of advice from our experts. Don't hesitate to contact us if necessary !