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Tactile interactive Android Screen SpeechiTouch

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Ici c'est la boutique Education(1). Je suis une Entreprise.
Ici c'est la boutique Education(1). Je suis une Entreprise.
Customize your own interactive screen

You can customize your own interactive screen (brand, size, accessories) without any risk of getting it wrong.


The perks of the interactive SpeechiTouch screen

Its main advantage is without a doubt its simplicity of use. It is not necessary to be a professionel in computers to use this giant tactile tablet. 

Consequently, using it does not necessitate programming. It obeys to a simple touch of the finger. Multiple programs are already installed, to ensure a fast mastery of this device. Amongst them, Iolaos is a presentation and annotation software, very practical for lessons, in primary or secondary school.

How to choose this tactile screen

Only making the right choice is left to do. Multiple criterias are to be taking into consideration. We indeed offer various screen sizes. To make a successful purchase, we recommend taking into account the surface of the classroom. The further away your pupils are from the tactile screen, the bigger the screen will need to be. Know that we offer dimensions of 55, of 65 and of 84 inches.

Other element for comparison, the resolution. You will have the choice between HD or Ultra High Definition (or 4K). Your decision will depend on your pedagogical usages.

It is not always easy to choose this tactile screen for a classroom. Thankfully, our loaning program will help you make a future purchase. You can also consult the reviews published by our clients.

What applications for education  ?

This tactile and interactive screen running on Android revolutionizes teaching methods. Thanks to it, the teachers can view again their educational sessions. 

In elementary education, the teachers and instructors will teach reading and writing in a more interactive way, whilst favoring participation and the implication of the students.