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Tactile interactive Android screen

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Ici c'est la boutique Education(1). Je suis une Entreprise.
Ici c'est la boutique Education(1). Je suis une Entreprise.
Customize your own interactive screen

You can customize your own interactive screen (brand, size, accessories) without any risk of getting it wrong.


An interactive multi-user screen running on Android

The interactivetouchscreen SpeechiTouch supports up to 10 simultaneous contact points, making it essential for a usage in class or in a reunion. Pupils and collaborators can therefor work together at the same time on the same project. The manipulation of the tactile screen is done very easily, interact with the interactive screen with the help of a stylus or with the tip of your fingers. The motions are similar to the motions done with a tablet or smartphone.

A fast and precise interactivity

All of our interactive screens SpeechiTouch are equipped with infrared detection technology. Unique and patented, this technology is incontestably the most adapted for interactivity called « multi-touch ».  The incredible reactivity and precision of the interactivity offers a perfect comfort of usage for the interactive screen SpeechiTouch.

Contrasted and detailled images

The interactive SpeechiTouch screens, equipped with LED technology. This technology refines the contrasts and the details which allows for optimised images in a thin and precis way. The shades of colour are more rich and natural allowing you to obtain more contrasted images with a deeper level of blackness and shinier whites.

An other strong point of the LED technology, the energy consumption is reduced by 52% compared to the consumption of a classic LCD screen.

Solidity of the touchscreen

The tactile SpeechiTouch screen is designed to be placed in busy areas such as reunion rooms, class rooms, shopping malls, museum halls... Very robust, it has been reinforced by a metallic frame and by a glass dipped panel with a width of 4mm, ensuring an optimal protection for a usage in communal environments.

Accessories adapted for interactive screens

Speechi has developped a whole range of accessories entirely dedicated to interactive screens SpeechiTouch : the software eBeam Education Suite to benefit fully of the interactivity of your tactile screen, the universal mirror wifi key to project wirelessly to the screen the content of a tablet or a smartphone, the motorized wall mount to attach your tactile screen, and many more for you to discover.

An autonomous and intelligent interactive screen

Transforming your tactile screen SpeechiTouch into an autonomous and intelligent screen, is now possible. We offer you to integrate into an interactive screen SpeechiTouch of your choice, a computer called "OPS".You will no longer need to plug your computer into the tactile screen.